- About the Bundle

What is a Bundle?

It is a compilation of online courses, classes, ebooks and learning resources on one specific topic with tremendous discounts.

How will I receive the content?

Once the payment is completed, a screen will appear with the list of courses and eBooks included in the Bundle and you will have the option to download it.

You will also receive an email with the purchase confirmation, your order number and a link through which you can access the content at all times.

Please, save this email and check that it is not in your spam folder, before contacting us.

How can I access the courses?

To access the eBooks you must download them to your device.

To access the rest of the courses you must download the instructions and follow them. In some cases you will have to register on the author’s website, in others just access a link and use a password.

How long will I have access to the content?

The downloadable content is yours forever once you have downloaded and saved it to your device.

To access the rest of the courses you have one year to register on the author’s website, if necessary. Once registered you will be treated like any other client so while the course is available on the author’s website you will have access to it.

- Language

What language are the courses in?

All courses are in English. Video courses do not have subtitles.

- Payment Options

How can I pay?

You can pay through PayPal or by Credit Card. Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards are also accepted.

Can I buy the Bundle as a gift?

Yes, of course. You can select this option when making the payment. You will need to include, in the email, the person you wish to give it to.

- Refund Policy

Do you accept returns?

No, as it is a downloadable digital product, we do not accept returns. Money will only be refunded if you accidentally made a duplicate purchase.

- Frequent Problems

I have not received the email with the purchase confirmation

Please, check that it isn’t in your spam folder. In case you don’t find it, write to us and provide the name and email that you used to make the purchase.

The majority of times this happens, an error has been made when writing the email. Do not worry, we will search for your order and send it to you manually.

I can't access a course

Please, make sure to follow the access instructions, if you need to write a code or password take into account the upper and lower case letters.

If you still cannot access the content, contact us.

I have accidentally made a duplicate purchase

Please, contact us before placing a dispute on PayPal or claiming a refund from your bank. We will only ask you for the name and email that you used for the purchase, we will verify that the sale has been duplicated and will make a refund.